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Our Process

A winning digital marketing strategy starts with the end in mind.

Whether your goal is to nurture current leads, attract more leads or just gain the attention of your industry, success begins with defining your goals. But goal setting is not enough. You need to develop a strategy to achieve those goals, execute it and then constantly monitor it while making adjustments toward the goal as needed. 



Step 1: Planning

  • Set priorities

  • Define specific goals and timelines

  • Review all aspects of your current marketing programs

  • Comprehensive review of ongoing campaigns, content, content in development, editorial guidelines, client descriptions and goals

  • Create a project plan with due dates, tasks and responsible parties

  • Designate tasks to teams or individuals 

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Step 2: Define Strategy

  • Creating robust editorial guidelines

  • Content planning for the next 120 days

  • Lead company through goal planning exercise

  • Keyword strategy review and analysis

  • Persona development

  • Create a content calendar 

  • Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+ planning and content strategy

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Step 3: Analyze and Tweak



  • Review performance data and analytics on an ongoing basis

  • How is sales doing with the leads the program generated?
  • What is working best? What should we change? 

  • What other content and campaigns can we add to the mix?

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