Frequently Asked Questions

How does Primal Storytelling work?

Our founder, Anthony Butler talks about how the Primal Storytelling process works.


How does primal storytelling work


How is Primal Storytelling Different?

Primal Storytelling is different than any other system on the market.

How is primal storytelling different from everyone else


How long does the Primal Storytelling kick-start take?

The kick-start portion where we help you create your strategic communications plan will take 4-6 weeks depending on everyone's schedules.

How long does primal storytelling take


How long until we get results?

The time it takes to get results will vary on a number of factors such as how well your website is currently performing, how large your social media following is, and other technical details, but none of these is the real issue.

How long till primal storytelling shows results


Do you have examples of Primal Storytelling in action?

We have case studies and examples.

Examples of primal storytelling working


Who is Anthony Butler?

Anthony Butler is the creator of the Primal Storytelling system.

Who is anthony Butler


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