The One Blog Type Inbound Marketers Should Pay More Attention To


Inbound marketers are always on the prowl for more effective tools to drive traffic and elicit a response from readers, and business to business blogging is some of the most difficult writing to do well.

The first hurdle is choosing the type of blog to write. There are many types of blogs available for writers to choose from: how-to, list, educational, entertainment, etc. Writers are trying to interest readers in an engaging way on product or service specific information, which can often turn out dry and boring. But one blog format that is often passed over because it is so difficult to craft well, but can be very helpful if skillfully executed, are persuasive blogs.

What is a persuasive blog? A persuasive blog is writing that effectively persuades your reader to take action, reconsider an opinion, or make an argument for or against something. They often take the form of opinion pieces. In order to be effective an persuasive blog, your piece of content must present a coherent argument that addresses the doubts and concerns of the readers. A strong argument includes the use of facts, figures, case studies, infographics etc., as evidence. In other words, persuasive blogs require proof that what you are saying is more likely than not, true.

What is the challenge Inbound bloggers face?

Persuasive blogging is a challenge as it requires clear thinking, research, and dedication to cutting through fluffy ideas in order to hit on the inner truth of any argument or opinion. The skill level of the writer must be higher than many other types of writing. It requires the writer to be insightful and creative, which for most writers, is a relative stretch. Independent thinking is a rarity and requires not only expertise on the topic, but the ability to expand your mind beyond the obvious to find the inner kernel of an idea.

The better you are at forming an enticing argument, envisioning potential retorts, and answering potential questions up front concerning your topic, the better your argument will be received by your audience, and the better you will be at persuading your reader.

Persuasive blogs have benefits beyond reader engagement and attracting website traffic. Strong blogs that persuade the reader to investigate a new product or utilize a service can help generate profits augmenting the efforts of sales teams. And lastly, blogs can be used simply to supplement brand recognition, or to increase awareness about issues, making readers harbor a desire for some sort of resolution or protection.

If you need ideas on how to improve your persuasive blogs, or any type of blog for that matter, check out 25 of the Best Digital Marketing Books, and read about Sally Hogshead’s book Fascinate: How to Make Your Brand Impossible to Resist. It is a wonderful read and has established itself as a MUST read for every Inbound Marketer who wants to be a master of their craft.

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