What's New in Content in 2017

What's New in Content in 2017

2016 was a rough one. No, really. We're not just jumping on the bandwagon now to talk about how harsh a reality last year threw on us. Even in the digital marketing world. 2016 made some harsh demands of us humans, and our choices were few: respond, or don't. As for us over at Can-Do, we chose to respond, and we'll keep doing so into 2017.

With the New Year will also come new content, and new ways for consumers to absorb it. So even though 2016 is behind us, there's a whole lot happening now that we have to make sure to be on top of. Audiences are now in more control than ever before when it comes to how they consume content—the reality of it is this: in order to succeed, advertisers and publishers must be privy to people’s every demand.

Content is transformative. Every time something new comes to the forefront—be it news, or a way of consuming news—content is king. It’s always been king. Content creators are always looking for new ways to create relevant content that connects—content that makes sense for audiences, and makes them want to come back for more. In short: the better the creative quality, the better overall content you’ll create.

As Inbound content marketers, we’ve always found anecdotal content to be the most successful type out there. And 2017 has got authentic content at the top of its to-do list. That's for sure.

Live Everything

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about live content, and as far as we can tell, it also won’t be our last. Live video has made its way to so many platforms of late--most importantly, perhaps, Facebook and Instagram, to name a few social bigwigs--and it doesn't appear that this trend will be stopping any time soon. Authentic content is the way to people's hearts, and it's the best way to make true connections, even through the computer screen. But it's not that simple. Live video, even as cool as it sounds on its face, can't offer just that--the "live" feature—and expect to win out on all platforms. Live content needs to be high quality. The highest, in fact, in order for it to really work. No interruptions and constant live streaming at audiences' fingertips. That's what 2017 is requiring.

The Year of the Mobile

2017 is the year of the mobile. You may have thought that mobile already made its way into our reality as much as it was going to. But you were wrong. We all were. And until we accept the fact that mobile is here to stay—and taking over, in fact—we'll continue to underestimate its powers. AOL reported a staggering number earlier this week, stating that "sixty percent of people with smartphones say they 'can’t live without' them (and the other 40 percent can’t be far behind)." They're calling this phenomenon "mobile-first." Which, quite simply, means that people look at their phones before they look at any other screen available. “If brands aren’t willing to adapt to this mobile-first era,” AOL goes onto say, “they need to prepare to be out-strategized by their mobile-first competitors.”

No longer can a brand expect to succeed whilst being stuck, even partially stuck, on a desktop. Sure, your platform can have the capacity to work on a desktop and still find success, but really, when push comes to shove, we've moved past that. Snapchat, for example, can't be used on a desktop, laptop computer, or tablet. It's a mobile-only social media platform. And, well, at this point in the game, that really shouldn't surprise you. 

Live video grew in 2016—that much is clear. For some of us, it was clear from the get-go, because live was all people wanted as soon as it was available. And for good reason--what's cooler than seeing something that's happening across the globe, as it's happening? As far as we know, not much. So, to really bring to a head what we've said here (and maybe even prove to you once and for all) that live video and mobile are the ways of content in 2017, check out this statistic: 74% of consumers watch live video content on their smartphone. Of all the stats we researched for this piece regarding content in this New Year, that one was far and away the highest, and most staggering.

Still not sure where content is headed in 2017? Think again. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to ‘going live’, then our blog on the future of social media will break down how to go live on the social platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, a couple ideas on how your business can use ‘going live’, and demographics on who uses each platform. Good luck!

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