Volunteering for Veterans

Our founder and CEO, Anthony Butler, along with several other members of the community, are working together to launch a non-profit in Lewis and Clark County. Team Red, White and Blue is the latest chapter of a national organization helping veterans connect through physical activity.

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News: 406 Social Media Merges with Can-Do Ideas

406 Social Media & Marketing, founded by Julia Bryant, has officially joined Can-Do Ideas, an inbound marketing agency that recently moved to Helena, Montana. Can-Do Ideas is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in data-centric strategies.

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First Snapchat, Then Heineken – Don’t Become the Next Biggest Brand Fail of 2018

2017 was the year of some iconic Ad fails. Yet as we move further along into 2018, it’s almost as if brands are fighting for last place. It’s apparent not everyone learned from the lessons of advertising failures that preceded them.

Not all brand fails are created equally. Some might be as simple as a Photoshop oversight that adds a limb or two, to A-list celebrities, but others are less forgiving. Recently, Snapchat and Heineken played with fire and got burned.

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The United Airlines Trilogy of Disaster: Customer Service, PR, & Social Media

Flying can be—correction—is a stressful ordeal. Cue the long lines, people lugging around luggage bigger than they are, everyone trying to figure out where their assigned gate might reside, and then, of course, hoping your luggage actually arrives at the same destination as you. Even if you’re someone who only brings one small bag when taking flight, there’s no avoiding having to walk by, stand in line near, or even just sit in close quarters with people who are trying to fit an extra bag of who-knows-what into luggage that never should have made its way into an overhead bin in the first place. The pressure we feel when it comes to flying is bad enough without all the other baggage (no pun intended)—other people, security factors, and whatever else heightens your personal anxiety needle pre-takeoff. But one man on a United Airlines flight this past week dealt with the kind of stress associated with a crime committal—not an airplane flight.

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8 Twitter Accounts Every Marketer Should Follow

Social: it’s a lot of things. And there are many ways to be social in business, whether that’s showing up to a networking meeting, having lunch with a client, or tweeting out your best advice, latest article, or new-fangled knowledge. There is no doubt in our (or anyone else’s) mind that in order to be successful in business, you’re going to need to be a little, if not very, social.

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Want To Write An Effective Press Release? Here's How.

A press release is a significant factor when considering the makings of successful public relations strategy. In one of our previous blogs, we explained a few tips on how to connect with media, and emphasized the importance of a media list. But what comes after the media list? The press release. Here are 5 helpful tips on writing an informative and interesting press release.

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3 Tips to Winning More Referrals


Even though most sales representatives and business owners are quick to tell you that most of their business comes through referral, very few have a proven system they consistently apply in order to ask for referrals. And, far few have an actual plan to ask everyone they come in contact with for a referral.

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