Three Ways to Simplify Your Content

3 Ways to Simplify Your Content

If your content marketing isn't clear, it's likely that your customers won't understand a few things: first, they won't know what you're saying, and second, and perhaps most importantly, they won't know what you're selling. Writing simply allows one to create content that is readily understandable and digestible. It allows for consumers to not only read what's on the page, but to readily consider the offer being presented to them. Using ridiculously long words, or attempting to sound overtly highfalutin helps no one—trust us.

We've put together a short list of tips and tricks to ensure that you're writing as simply as possible. After all, how do you expect people to understand the value of your product or service if they're spending all of their time trying to decipher what it is you’re even saying?

Know What You Want To Say – and Just Say It
For many people, writing with direct simplicity takes getting into a certain state of mind. So go there: force yourself to first think, then outline, and finally, write in a concise, decisive manner. As is often the case in life, minimalism in writing is fundamental.

Not convinced? Check out Ernest Hemingway's Top 5 Tips for writing well.

Know Your Audience
You're trying to impress your potential customer, sure. But writing, like we said before, in terms of elaborate gestures and long, confusing sentence structure does little but confuse. So here’s a pro tip: no matter who it is you're talking to, write like you're speaking to someone whose first language isn’t English. Of course, if you're explaining more advanced, and even confusing topics, you may have to use words that aren't exactly in our everyday lexicon. In that case, simplify even more. Define every word that doesn't seem totally familiar. Whatever the case may be, consider your audience and their knowledge base, and write with those things in mind.

Be Predictable
Predictability in the world of content is key. How you present content on your website or blog is just as important as the content itself. If someone becomes a regular visitor to your platform, it's almost certainly because they enjoy the work you've created—sure. We'll also bet that it's partially because they approve of the way you've presented said content. As much as we sometimes deny it, human beings relish in the simple, steady, and consistent. The same goes for your content. So give your customers something consistent they can rely on. It’ll keep them coming back for more again and again.

So there you have it. Just a few ways to simplify you’re content, and change the way you communicate. It really can be that simple!

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