3 Surefire Ways To Create Headlines That Work

Three Surefire Ways to Create Headlines That Work

Writing attractive, honest headlines isn't always easy. Sometimes, you have a great idea and it feels completely natural to make that idea into one succinct phrase. Other times, you have a great piece of writing and seemingly no way to neatly pull your reader in. We’ve pulled together a few easy-to-implement means by which to write hooking headlines that will get people to read, and ultimately share your content.

  • Play To Your Readers’ Emotions

Write headlines that center on “human” topics, including business and tech, or even food and lifestyle. Ultimately, people read and share content that is easily digestible, and can be applied to their lives and the lives of those they know. Use pronouns like “you” and “your” to give headlines that extra bit of personalization we all love.

Example: Understand Your ERP Software & Change Your Business

  • Use Numbers In Your Headline

Human beings are both busy and lazy, and list posts are attractive for their skimmable nature; by using numbers and interesting adjectives, you’re bound to catch people’s attention. Moreover, if you write a headline correctly, list posts can also be mysterious. They don't give enough away with their title alone, so, in a sense, they play on readers’ curiosity, enticing them to click and read on. Then, when your reader has been redirected to your post, the amount of information presented doesn’t seem overwhelming.

Example: 5 Reasons You Should Love Inbound

As we mentioned, people scan. It's what we've become accustomed to. The perfect length for a headline is somewhere around 5-8 words. Anything more than that and we're likely forgetting what the first word in the phrase we just read was. Less to read means a higher rate of retaining your readers' attention—which is exactly what we want. And of course, if people don't read, or at least skim your piece, the chances of it being shared are slim.

Example: How To Grow Your Business—and Fast!

All of these, among so many others, are easy ways to get your train of thought rolling in the right direction when it comes to creating headlines. And because we know this can be a difficult process, we’ve included a few more headline shortcuts to help get you started.

  • What You Need To Know About [blank]
  • Learn To [blank] Like A [blank] In 5 Easy Steps
  • How To [blank i.e. desired result] Without [blank i.e. assumed difficulty]
  • The Secret To [blank]
  • 10 Steps To Ultimate Success For Your [blank] Business

If you're determined to see your content shared, spend almost as much time writing an awesome headline as you do on writing the post itself. Crafting a magnetic headline is what will attract readers to actually read your content. And as we know, if a piece has any chance at being shared, it needs to be read!

Don't be afraid to brainstorm like crazy. Even if some of what you're coming up with makes no sense, that's okay! That mumbo-jumbo may lead you to something great. Combine unlikely words and ideas. Ask yourself questions—and then ask yourself specifically what it is your consumer or customer is looking for. What is most likely to pique their interest? Intrigue someone, and you just might receive their business.

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