6 of the Best Marketing Websites to Spark Your Creativity

6 of the Best Marketing Websites to Spark Your Creativity

Not every website a marketer visits on the job needs to be marketing-specific. Sometimes, the best ideas come from looking into and reading content that's a little less relevant to our everyday reality—which is, of course, marketing, marketing, and more marketing.

Remember our piece about Beyoncé’s Lemonade? How do you think that wheel started turning? By listening to the album, and then reading about it, of course! Where did we read about Lemonade, you ask? A whole slew of places (it was the talk of the Internet for nearly a month, mind you), but we mostly found ourselves circling back to the same sites for the newest news and theories on her genius ensemble.

We can all benefit from a little, or a lot, of inspiration from time to time; with the World Wide Web right at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to become inspired. There’s a lot of bad content out there too, though, which is why we’ve done the dirty work for you and created a roundup of our favorite websites that seem to always strike a spark of inspiration. Here they are (in no particular order):

  1. Design Taxi

At its core, DesignTAXI is an influential source that supplies content from creators like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN and Huffington Post. DesignTAXI, while part of a larger conglomerate, was designed for professional creatives looking for a network. It's great for keeping up to date on the newest news in your industry, or picking up on a little inspiration for the day's work.

  1. Mashable

Mashable might be our favorite on this list, simply because it's got everything you could ever want or need from the Internet. The site is split into categories (video, social media, tech, business, entertainment, world & more) and truly supplies the best links within those divisions. The site also offers visitors some of the most unique content out there when it comes to social media. Ariana Huffington called it a "one stop shop" in that realm, which is quite the compliment, considering.

  1. HOW Design

HOW Design has been around since 1985, so it's got real roots in the world of, well, design. Available through the site is an incredible number of tools for any designer, especially those who are content marketing driven. Through HOW, users have interactive, business, and online learning capabilities, as well as a HOW University education program for those busy creative types—hint, hint.

  1. Ad Week

Whether you're looking for the latest in news, print, tech, advertising, branding or television—you name it—Ad Week will have you covered. The website breaks news and trends in the world of media, marketing, technology and advertising often faster than anyone else, always presenting the highest quality information from industry leaders and ahead-of-the-curve businesses.

  1. TechCrunch

Not sure what you want to write about today for your company’s blog? Visit TechCrunch and your writers block will be solved. It's got all the latest and greatest on the world of tech—and yes, we realize this is not the first tech-centric website link we've provided here, but there's a very distinct reason for that: there's just too much going on with technology for one person—one team—one website to keep track of. When it comes down to it, TechCrunch is certainly our favorite in this field. They've got constant updates, reviews on products, and breaking news on the startups that are ready to change our entire paradigm.

  1. The Next Web

Now in its tenth year, you can rest assured when using The Next Web (TNW) that this site is the real deal. It delivers exactly what they promised back in 2006, bringing insight, meaning, and a lot of fun to technology development. The site, much like the others we’ve listed here, splits its contents into subdivisions (apps, gear, creative, money, insights, launch, world, distract, and offers), to make things easier and more accessible to you; the site also extends to TNW News, Deal, Conference and Events, as well as TQ and Index, a market intelligence platform. Use TNW to stay informed about the world of tech at large—not just what's happening, but what people from all walks of life, generations, and professional backgrounds think about those updates.

For anything from inspiration to the latest in news, tech, marketing, design, and social media, these are our favorites. We certainty hope you like them, and find them as helpful and informative as we have over the years. Let us know what you think or if you have any favorite go-to sites!

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