Reel Your Audience In... Here's How

Reel Your Audience In: Here's How

Every business originates from one idea, that over time, grows into what you see before you today. This one idea holds enough validity and promise, deep to its core, that a leap of faith is taken to turn a concept into a company. During this exciting time of brand development comes the opportunity for an entrepreneur to show the world who they are, where they have been, and why they’re worth listening to. It’s time to tell your tale.

Spark Thought
To the consumer eye, you’re not even a blip on the radar unless you make an effort to be seen. Help them get to know you and explain why you chose this path. Something about you must grab the target’s attention. While your superior knowledge does the talkin’, your new and unique product does the walkin’.

Provoke Feeling
Now that we have your attention, try to connect with your audience on a personal, human level. Share your family’s heritage or the steps in your past that have lead you to launch this business. Tell them about your original idea and how it came to fruition. Explain why you have earned your seat at the table and deserve to be treated as an expert. Breaking down this barrier will ease prospective leads into the next part of your story.

Inspire Action
This is the home stretch. You’ve hooked a line, now you have to reel your audience in for the sale. Mention your products’ qualities and benefits, making them more attractive than any one of your competitors'. Include something special with your offer that makes the customer feel like they’re walking away with a superior deal. Finally, give them a reason to come back for repeat business.

All stages of your story are equally important towards reaching the overall goal of making a sale. Be a personality! Bring your story to life and show everyone what you can accomplish.

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Anthony Butler

Anthony Butler

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