3 Resources That Will Keep You Up to Date With the World of Digital Marketing

Keeping Up With Digital Marketing

To say simply that the world of digital marketing changes every day would be an understatement; digital marketing trends aren’t just varying daily, they're changing hourly. Seriously. If you're not up to date with the goings-on on and of the digital world, you might as well be at a standstill regarding your marketing potential.

Here are a few ways you can keep up with the trends, and ensure a successful future for your business when it comes to digital marketing.


Stay in the know about what’s in and what’s out by reading informative blogs. This is a big one, because the people writing these blogs are genuinely trying to help you better understand the digital marketing climate. In most cases, they're writing for the good of the reader, not for themselves. If the blogger supplies good information, then the piece will likely get shared, which means good business for everyone involved.

Ten years ago, most blogs were made by angsty teenagers chattering on about their feelings. This is no longer. Don’t believe us? Take a look at “Pro Blogger” Darren Rowe’s website. He can teach you things like how to drive more traffic from your blog to your Facebook, and how to build trust with subscribers.

LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse isn't separate from LinkedIn, but a lot of people don't know that it exists. This part of the popular professional-connection-making website allows you to receive content that you find relevant. It delivers you the type of news you want, instead of spam—all you have to do is select the topics, influencers, and publications you want to hear from. It’s really that simple.

Twitter and Facebook

There's arguably no other place where digital marketing trends become more obvious than on social media platforms, but Twitter and Facebook are the two in particular that we think illustrate this notion best. Both platforms allow users to keep up to date with industry leaders by "following" them. And further, you can create alerts for certain users if you want to receive their updates in real-time. 

Twitter users can also use the trending topics option to receive immediate updates about what's going on in the world. Both platforms utilize hashtags (#) to indicate a trending topic, or a topic that people are trying to get trending. Not only are hashtags useful for your own content, they’re also the best way to find out who’s talking about what in your realm of business. Type #digitalmarketing into your Twitter or Facebook search bar right now, and then do it again in 5 minutes. We bet that what you find now and what you find minutes, if not seconds from now, will be vastly different, but equally interesting and informative.

Because we depend so heavily on technology to get our work done, make connections, and to do, well, just about everything else, tech impacts us especially at most of our lives’ professional junctures. Especially when it comes to marketing trends, digital is king. And while it might be ever changing—which makes things slightly more complicated—the future of digital marketing is bright. So be sure to stay abreast of everything happening online (well, not everything, but you know what we mean) via platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and try to find a few blogs you like and find informative that you could see yourself visiting week after week. The world is changing online, people. Get on board.

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