Instagram and Businesses: A Match Made in Heaven?

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Most recently, Instagram changed its logo... and everyone's complaining about it. It's normal for people not to love change. We get that. But come on, guys, it's just a logo! Cole Rise (does that last name sound familiar? Hint: it’s the name of an Instagram filter!), a legendary Instagram user, designer, photographer, and creator of the old logo made in 2011 chalked up people's reaction to the "standard hand-writing whenever a major product or service changes." We think he's right. And now, because there’s always something to talk about in technology, onto the next big news with Instagram.

Call It What You Want

If you're a small business, chances are, you've joined the loyal throngs of Instagram users. Really, it's just too convenient a platform to ignore, and small businesses realized that only a short while after their big-business counterparts. Because it's a user-friendly social platform that actually listens to its users, Instagram has begun to test new profile pages for businesses.

These pages will have a slew of new features, including a “contact” button that enables users to get in touch with each other more directly. This button will also link to the business' email and location info. Clicking “contact” will give you the opportunity to choose either “Get Directions” or “E-mail”. It's also been rumored that Instagram is working on creating a better analytics strategy for businesses posts, as well as a way to buy ads through mobile devices. As far as analytics go, Instagram is working towards making it easier for users to see who's viewing their profile, and what type of interaction they're having with it. You'll be able to see a detailed analysis of your followers, including but not limited to their age and location. The Insta team is also working towards creating an "impressions" section, wherein users can see more than just how many likes or comments they received on a single picture. Sounds a little "Big Brother" to us, but hey, if it's what the people want.

Let Them Eat Cake

Earlier this month, reported that Instagram is also experimenting with making the "bio" section on the platform more like Facebook, complete with a categorization of your business (e.g. Marketing Firm). They’re also going to roll out a new location tag—it’ll be a lot like Facebook’s, wherein you can see the business’ location on a map. Pretty nifty!

Right now, the tests are being run on undisclosed profiles. Which is kind of cool, because it means there are multiple businesses out there on the platform right now whose profiles have the capacity to function at a higher level.

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