Four of the Best Ways to Increase Your Facebook Following


It's a pretty simple concept: targeting a specific audience on Facebook is likely to boost your website traffic, and ultimately, your businesses revenue. However, finding out exactly who your best niche audience is (aside from your primary audience that you’ve been after all along), and then effectively reaching that audience, is easier said than done. We've got a few tips and tricks to help you master this piece of the seemingly simple, yet ever-changing social media platform that is Facebook.

  • Brainstorm Creatively

Finding this other audience can be tricky. We suggest starting your search for this audience by thinking about the different levels of your offerings, and how varying personas might be attracted to them. You've probably spent countless hours creating content for specific levels of your personas—and that’s great! Your principal Facebook audience is likely thrilled with the content you’re putting out. However, those personas you worked so hard to create and please, much like human beings, have layers. When push comes to shove, it doesn’t have to be that difficult to find niche audiences within your primary audience. The first step to revealing this other audience, though, is definitely to think creatively about how you might appeal to them (you’ll have to read on to find out how, of course!) and what type of content you should generate or share in order to do so.

  • Use the Audience Insights Tool…

Facebook does its best to make things easy, and as user friendly as possible. There's an Audience Insights page that many people aren't aware of—mostly because this platform started out as a way to connect with personal friends, not so much businesses. Audience Insights gives you the opportunity to see what your primary audience is up to behind the scenes, broken down into "category" and "selected audience." You can see what your primary audience's purchase behavior is, for instance, and perhaps glean some information about a secondary audience that would qualify as a viable option for targeting.

  • ... as well as Audience Optimization

So, you’ve successfully identified your supplementary audience, or audiences. Now: how to give them what they want, and be sure you're reaching them. Cue the Audience Optimization tool—another user-friendly piece of Facebook that you may not have even known existed. This tool allows you to choose between a "preferred" and "restricted" audience. In the case of the preferred audience, you're choosing who you want your post to reach... when it comes to audience restrictions, well, it's pretty much how it sounds. That latter is useful when, say, you're trying to appeal to that secondary audience we talked about above. This tool allows you to limit who sees your posts if it's not necessarily applicable to them. Using this feature gives you a better chance of not getting "hidden" or "unfollowed" from people's timelines, which can be the kiss of death when it comes to Facebook.

Engaging smaller, more specific audiences for your page that you might not have known to even exist is just as important as successfully targeting your primary audience. It allows for growth outside of the norm in terms of social media marketing, thus encouraging new channels of web traffic. In this sense, Facebook has a lot to offer—much more than we see on the surface. If you’re interested in finding out more, check out this piece by Mashable—it talks about 14 (yes, 14!) Facebook tools you didn't know about, and brings you through the motions of how to use them… the Internet is an amazing place, no?

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