How to Get More Direct Bookings for Your Property or Hotel

For many hotels it is common practice to pay referral services in order to get bookings. The room is booked and a commission to whatever service you use is paid – the cycle begins again.

The ideal scenario for a property or hotel is to get a direct booking. That’s easier said than done when all of your investment is short-term. But, let’s say you take a moment to start thinking in the long-term. That with a shift in thinking you can take your website from a brochure to a destination with increased direct bookings.

A small, family-owned, boutique hotel we’ve been working with for 5 years has seen their direct bookings increase and have dominated a competitive hospitality market in New York City since shifting a focus to building out content to their website. Content being anything on your website – that you own – that anyone searching on the Internet can find whether that’s a blog, a video, a landing page, a podcast, a guide, etc. that the person searching has interest in clicking on.

Instead of the direct pay-per-performance of using booking services that pay for traffic and send the bookings your way, your website becomes a destination when you begin investing in building long-term assets that produce year after year. Content lives on.

Primal Storytelling has a 3-part formula: Tribe + Primal Urges and Emotions + Story = Primal Story.

Watch parts 2, 3, and 4 to learn more about applying this idea to your property or hotel.

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