GIPHY, GIFs, and GIPHY KEYS: What You Need To Know

GIPHY, GIFs, and GIPHY Keys: What You Need to Know
If you follow tech at all, you knew that this day was going to come: on May 3rd the popular website Giphy released its keyboard created specifically for the sharing and creating of GIFs. If you don't follow tech, you're probably wondering what a GIF even is... well, GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. What this translates to in layman terms is something to the effect of ‘short animation videos, clips, and occasionally text’ that illustrates an emotion or action.

Okay. I See.

GIFs are used all over the Internet these days. Of late, even Tinder, the popular dating app created in 2012, adopted a GIF insertion option (per Giphy, of course). But as far as we know, that's about as easy-to-get GIFs had been… until now. A new application called Giphy Keys was launched this week. The user-friendly, comprehensive app allows users to access GIFs of all kinds on both social media networks—including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Outlook, Slack, and of course Tinder, for starters—as well as via text message.

Oh Yeah!

On the new Giphy Keys’ keyboard, you’re even able to choose between genres of GIFs. The app offers a seemingly endless catalogue of pop culture references, original animations, and even real-time content (what?!) When Giphy first implemented this more basic version of Keys on Tinder, the ‘choose genre’ function wasn’t, and still isn’t, an option. You get what you're given there, we guess (in more ways than one)… but if you download the new app, you can even search for the emotion or reaction you’d like to text or put in your Facebook status, (e.g. lol/haha, ttyl, wtf, etc.) Especially considering that the app is in its first release phase, that’s pretty advanced stuff.

No Way!

Because this is all so new to us (and to the rest of the tech world), we'll let the geniuses over at Giphy Keys explain just how the app can allow you to create your own GIF: the app "combines the weird wit of the internet with the power of GIPHY tools. You can use #echo or #weather to make custom GIFs on the fly, harness the prescient powers of our magic #8ball, and explore many more new and exciting power-ups.” There’s still more to be learned, so if you’re considering downloading the app, check out this page first—there, you'll be walked through, step by step, how to search for, use, and create GIFs.

Thank You

As far as we can tell, people are most excited about being able to use GIFs via text. After all, what better way to tell your friend “YES, I’d love to order pizza tonight,” than with an animation of Homer Simpson dreaming of, and then devouring an entire pizza, all over the course of a few seconds? (If you want some more animated food for thought, specifically in the pizza department, check out this funny Tumblr—seriously, we highly suggest taking the time to view, among other things, an animation of Obama’s face, on Beyoncé’s dancing body, on top of a pizza).

Ron Swanson Picking Pizza

The only unfortunate thing about the new app is this: you need to have an iOS device to download it. No news on when Android users will be able to use Giphy Keys, but if all goes well for iOS users, we’re willing to bet it won’t be long until your Droid can get in on the fun.

The End

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