Five Steps to Connect with Media as a Business

Five Steps to Connect With Media as a Business

Congratulations! You took the big step and finally have your own business. But now a productive promotion is necessary to give your business a kick start. Connecting with journalists and reporters is a significant option to promote your newfound pride and joy, and to reach out to a broader audience.

Here are 5 important steps on how to connect best with the media, and what to consider when you do so.

Know What You're Looking For
First of all, you should know with what kind of journalists, networks, newspapers, or other platforms you would like to connect. That includes doing research about the journalists that write about your businesses field, and gathering contact information. This step will help you to know in the end what you are exactly looking for, and in what locations. Are you searching for journalists nationally, internationally, or in your state or town? These are all questions you should be able to answer before you move on to the second step.

Use Social Media
Use Twitter and other social networks like Facebook and Instagram, even, to connect with journalists. Following them as well as commenting on posts from time to time will increase your chances of them noticing you, which makes them more likely to promote you in the future.

Present Yourself
Journalists love to get something exciting and interesting they can write about. If you send them something that presents you very well and also awakens their interest, you have the chance to receive more publicity. Create a story and tell them what made you launch your business, or use other anecdotes that could be helpful.

Create a Media List
After you have done the necessary research, you can create the media list. Insert the names of the reporters, the names of the certain media platforms and other contact information, such as phone numbers and email addresses.

Journalists typically prefer emails over phone calls--which brings us to the right approach on how to best connect with them: after you have sent your email with your story, wait a few days to hear back. If they haven’t responded still, send a reminder and ask for a reply. If they still don’t answer, then try the phone call as your last attempt. But don’t worry, as long as your story is interesting and intriguing, there exists a high chance you'll receive positive feedback.

See here the steps of how to build a solid media list.

You have done the research, created the media list and a nice story – now it is time to connect with different media platforms. That being said, remember: be yourself. Be authentic, and have fun forming new contacts.

Connecting with media contacts is an important step for your business, and if you follow the five tips we have lined up here, and cultivate the contacts with journalists, you'll have created the perfect start to an advantageous promotion, both in the present and into the future.

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