Age-Old Primal Urges and Emotions Are Key in the Hospitality Industry

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably been introduced to the idea of Primal Storytelling for your hotel or property, if not, we suggest starting here

Primal Storytelling has three parts: Tribe + Primal Urges and Emotions + Story. In our last post we discussed Tribe, touching on the psychographics and demographics of the types of people staying at your hotel and property. Now we’re ready to take it a step further, here’s where you can really begin shaping your content and reaching your Tribe, through Primal Urges and Emotions. 

The primal urges and emotions that surround Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs highlight the way people think, act, feel, and make decisions. From the moment a person is first researching destinations to the moment they're telling peers about their trip afterwards, they are consumed with a flood of emotions. Properties can attract guests by touching on these urges. Even better, they can satisfy these same travelers during and after their stay by fulfilling all of their needs and leaving them with positive emotions, whether it be safety, cleanliness, enjoyment, comfortability, and so much more.

 Watch parts 1, 2, and 4 to learn more about Primal Storytelling and how to apply it to your property or hotel.

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