A Basic Guide to Social Media Header And Profile Photo Dimensions

Designing for Social: When First Impressions Means The Most

Research conducted by the Pew Research Center tells us that as of 2015, 65% of all adults and 90% of young adults (your future buyers, employers, etc.) have a social media account. In 2005, when the research started, it was reported that 7% of all adults and 12% of young adults used social media. Social media use has only grown. Not only has it proven to be a good way for friends and family to stay connected, but it has also proven to be a good way for brands to stay connected with their customers and find potential employees. If you’re a young person in today’s world without at least one social media account, then you might as well be living under a rock. If you’re in an industry like journalism, marketing, or communications— well, you simply can’t exist without one.

Ten years ago, when social media first started, you could probably get away with a sub-par image and the sites certainly weren’t as customizable as far as headers and the like go. In today’s world, where more and more of us are skeptics and Internet savvy, it takes more to be seen as trustworthy or legit, and a pixelated, half-cut-off-when-it’s-not-supposed-to-be photo just won't cut it. Use your social media profile to your advantage when trying to earn trust by making your headers/background and profile images the right way. Some studies say that it only takes a tenth of a second for someone to form an impression of a stranger from their face. So imagine how fast we can form an impression from a quick view of a social media profile. Whether you’re a brand trying to sell a product, a potential employee trying to catch the eye of an employer, or an entrepreneur trying to build a solid following, you’re going to want to make a good first impression. You’re social headers/background and profile images will make a big difference in forming that first impression. Below, we’ve compiled a basic guide of image dimensions for 5 popular social sites. Using the correct dimensions and photo size will make all the difference in achieving a look (clean, clear, professional) that will leave a great first impression.

If you upload an image that is the correct size and it appears blurry or pixelated, it can usually be fixed. Be aware of the image size and compression algorithms that some social media sites use, specifically Facebook and Google+. This is usually the reason an image becomes blurry if it doesn’t appear that way before uploading it. Of course, if the image is blurry before uploading it, then you might want a photo with a better resolution altogether. This applies to profile image, header, and images in posts on your feed.




828px x 315px – Displays on Computer

640px x 360px – Displays on Phone

Must be AT LEAST 399px x 150px to even be uploaded.

File Size: Less than 100KB

Profile Photo

160px x 160px – Displays on Computer

140px x 140px – Dislays on Phone

Must be AT LEAST 180px x 180px to even be uploaded.

Here is a Facebook cover photo template we recommend (remember to hide/delete layers you’re not using to reduce image size if need be).




1500px x 500px – Displays on Computer

Profile Photo

400px x 400px – Displays on Computer




2120px x 1192px – Displays on Computer (MAX)

1080px x 608px – Displays on Computer (RECOMMENDED)

Profile Photo

120 px – Circular Diameter – Displays on Computer




1400px x 425px – Displays on Computer

Profile Photo

500px x 500px – Displays on Computer



Channel Art

2560px x 1440px – Displays on TV

2560px x 423 px – Displays on PC (MAX)

1855px x 423px – Displays on Tablet

1546px x 423px – Displays on Mobile

File Size: 4MB or smaller

Profile Photo

800px x 800px – Displays on Computer (RECOMMENDED)

When designing for multiple screens it’s best to go with the biggest option available. YouTube has a nice template on their help page. You’ll want to remember to keep important text in the text area yet drag the rest of the image out to the largest size so it looks nice on all formats. 

"Peacock" by PublicDomainPictures is licensed under CC0 1.0

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