8 Twitter Accounts Every Marketer Should Follow

Social Accounts Every Marketer Should Follow

Social: it’s a lot of things. And there are many ways to be social in business, whether that’s showing up to a networking meeting, having lunch with a client, or tweeting out your best advice, latest article, or new-fangled knowledge. There is no doubt in our (or anyone else’s) mind that in order to be successful in business, you’re going to need to be a little, if not very, social.

Tweeting is the “newest” method of social interaction that one might find online—but to be fair, what we can really consider “new” is constantly changing. Though relatively novel when looked at over the greater scope of internet-time, social media is proving to be invaluable to most businesses. For example, did you know that social media marketing has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing? Or maybe that 84% of B2B marketers use some form of social media? Well, you do now! And those are just two statistical reasons out of hundreds when it comes to why getting social on social media should be on your immediate to-do list.

Just as an aspiring developer might follow @Google, or an aspiring outdoor photographer might follow @chrisburkard, any business that is trying to learn social media themselves, or any marketer trying to keep up in the digital marketing world, will want to follow these Twitter accounts. The socialites of social tips and tricks are just around the corner.

  1. @hootsuite
    As a social media managing platform that offers social media marketing certifications through a thing called Hootsuite University, you have to believe Hootsuite holds some serious credentials when it comes to social media advice. Their photos are amusing, and their tweets link to helpful information on platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn among others.
  1. @HubSpot
    HubSpot is a world leader when it comes to Inbound Marketing. A major part of Inbound Marketing? Social media. Thus, when you turn that grey ‘Follow’ button blue you will start seeing tweets on Inbound, SEO, design, and most importantly: social media (!) on any and all platforms our great interweb has to offer.
  1. @SproutSocial
    Another social media management and engagement platform on this list, Sprout Social tweets both about what people dipping their toes into social for the first time want to know, as well as the qualms of more experienced social media marketers. These guys know how to tweet the basics as well as bring you the cutting edge of social.

  2. @mashsocialmedia
    Mashable is, on the whole, a rare gem of the online world. They have personality and content type down pat, and they always seem to be getting the news out about the most relevant things (on all of their accounts). You could follow all of their Twitter accounts, observe their content and learn—or, lucky for us, they have a Twitter account dedicated just to social media. On there, you’ll find everything they know while being kept abreast of what’s cool, hip, and happening… in the world and on social.

  3. @Ogilvy
    If you’re in marketing or advertising and haven’t heard of the grand master Ogilvy, then you might be living under a marketing rock (or a rock in general). Ogilvy conducts research and makes insights, and their social specific Twitter account is the perfect mix of thoughtful social and penetrative creative.
  1. @socialmedia2day
    Social Media Today brings the social insights of today, yesterday, and every other day of the week to the forefront. Influencer and content marketing are their specialties, however, you’ll find tweets quite far-ranging, from Snapchat to Facebook Live.

  2. @friendemic
    This little Utah based social media marketing agency knows what’s up. They seem to understand how to relate to the millennials of the world better than most. Take a read through their feed and you’ll quickly see that they really do have a way with perfectly worded tweets—each has the ability to buoy a little, or a lot of inspiration.
  1. @SocialTimes
    SocialTimes is a little section of the Adweek Blog Network—and it’s about as reputable as it gets. The SocialTimes brings you a little bit of social and a little bit of mobile. They go hand in hand. If you’re looking for more of the technical side of social (i.e streaming, iOS, and Android), then this account offers it. Even if you’re not super into that side of social, it’s still good to keep up with. 

These 8 accounts are perfect for either starting your foundation in social media or gaining some good ideas if you’re a seasoned social marketer looking for inspiration. All in all, in the world of social, it’s good (we might even say it’s a must) to stay up-to-date with what’s in, what’s out, and what’s trending. So save yourself some hassle and follow these accounts!

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