8 Creative Ways Marketing Agencies Can Kickstart Their Instagram Feed

Creative Ways Marketing Agencies Can Kickstart Their Instagram Feed
Instagram is a place that can make an impactful difference in your marketing IF you’re using it correctly. The thing about Instagram is it’s not for everyone. When you think of Instagram users you might think of cutesy shops selling something, clothing brands, aspiring photographers and travelers, workout enthusiasts, the everyday user, as well as many others. Instagram is a place to really stand out and get visually creative with marketing your products...If you’re a company with a more tangible product. So what about businesses such as marketing agencies? Well, the creative minds behind marketing agencies should easily be able to come up with some effective ways for their agency to use Instagram. But we know that even the most creative minds may need a little help kickstarting their ideas (especially since their product isn’t as visually tangible as some). If you’ve been tasked with setting up an Instagram feed for your digital marketing agency and you need a
little inspiration then this post is for you. Starting out, finding consistent content to post is the hardest part. The following are some solid ideas that will help your marketing agency get started on Instagram. And even if you’re not a marketing agency these ideas could be applied accordingly to any Instagram account. 

  1. The Quote Image

    This is a good go-to when you’re having a slow or uneventful day coming up as far as image opportunities go. You don’t want to go overboard with this, unless, of course, your page is quotes only. Quotes resonate with people, they put how people feel and believe in words when sometimes they can’t. Quotes especially resonate when they’re posted sparingly and thoughtfully. If you have time to make a cool image to go with the quote or make some nice typography, bonus points to you for standing out.

    Example: Ogilvy & Mather

  2. The Quirky Graphic Designer/Creative Director Image

    This one you can get really creative with. If you have a Creative Director, Art Director, or graphic design team, have them take turns making quirky or fun images for your account. It can be a nice break for them if they’ve been working on the same project for a while. It gives your creative department a chance to have some fun (you could even turn it into a contest on whose image gets the most likes!). This also shows your followers and potential clients a little bit of what you’re design team can offer, and makes great ‘get your mind going’ exercises. The punnier the better.

    Example: Lizzie Darden

  3. The Attending a Relevant Event Shot

    Events are fun and exciting to attend—Especially if it’s an exclusive event. These kinds of shots give the event exposure if it’s an event you’re hosting or putting on, and it shows other agencies and potential clients that you try to stay up-to-date and involved. It also gives a little look into what your agency may specialize in. And of course, it gives you a reason to do something fun or out of your comfort zone at the event for a good photo.

    Example: HubSpot
  4. The Creative Process Shot

    Think coffee mugs, books, notepads, pens, and computer screens all perfectly arranged. This may seem funny, but it could be helpful—for a lot of reasons. Maybe someone can find their new favorite coffee shop or breakfast spot before work, or their new favorite kind of coffee drink. And on the not so coffee side of things, they could find their new favorite writing utensil or a book that will change their world. More importantly, it might inspire someone in their own creative process. The creative process is just as important or more important to share than the final product from the process. There are so many different approaches to that process, you just have to keep trying until you find what works, and some things you may have never even thought of. And, from a creative’s viewpoint, seeing a beautifully curated image in itself is appreciated and can ignite some ideas.

    Example: Huge

  5. The Company Swag Shot

    Show everyone just how cool you are. We are a world that loves cool exclusive swag, what more can be said. There is nothing wrong with swag when you have a brand people can get behind. If you have things like buttons or stickers you can get really creative with your photos and photo locations.

    Example: BBDO

  6. The Company Culture Shot

    I’m referring to the group photos where everyone is smiling or making a funny face in a cool part of the office or the photo of the two people working together on a project. These photos can tell a story about your office culture and is a great way to attract potential employees. It’s also a little peek into the behind-the-scenes things that go on, and who doesn’t love the feeling of getting a little behind-the-scenes look. Who knows what you will attract with an awesome company culture (it certainly can’t be anything bad).

    Example: Wieden + Kennedy

  7. The Feature an Employee/Interviewee/Mentor/Attendee Shot

    This is a great chance to impart some wisdom onto your following. People love to hear from experts in a field. It ups your credibility. One of the most interesting things about photos of people is getting to know someone you don’t. Sharing a little snippet from someone’s mind can do a lot of good. This lets your following get to know your staff and agency a little bit deeper.

    Example: Cannes Lions

  8. The Blog Post Image

    This is another type of photo that works when you don’t have enough photos in your photo arsenal. This is also a great way to reach even more potential customers (as all social media is). You don’t want to just be posting random blog posts and it’s important to note not all posts are fit to be shared via Instagram. However, when you have a very relevant blog post that really shines in comparison to some of your others, why not share it on Instagram? Just make sure you use a photo that makes someone want to copy and paste the link into their browser to read more.

    Example: Can-Do Ideas

Instagram is a growing platform with more than 400 million active users. If you can figure out how your business can successfully use the platform, you should be using it. If your marketing agency was on the fence before there are no more excuses with these 8 types of photo suggestions. Instagram is a platform you can have a little more fun with and let your visual creativity really shine through! Off you go now, make Instagram yours.

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