Uncovering the Truth of Inbound Marketing

Uncovering the Truth of Inbound Marketing 

Whenever something new comes onto the scene, inevitably, people doubt it. Sure, there are always some believers who want said new thing to take hold and become the new norm. But that being said, it’s human nature to doubt what we don’t fully understand. And because of that, well, we can’t exactly get down on those who doubt, or encourage the false myths that have developed around inbound marketing. We can, however, try to clear up some of these fables.

Here are seven of the myths we’ve heard the most, paired with reasons why they are just that: myths.

  1. Inbound marketing will replace all of my outbound advertising.

While sometimes we wish this were true, it is decidedly false. The inbound marketing methodology is just another tool in the toolbox. If you have an outbound sales process that is returning a measurably profitable ROI, then getting rid of it would be unintelligent. Many uninformed businesses who have taken-on the inbound methodology have done this, and suffered the consequences. Inbound is not a catchall.

  1. Inbound marketing will replace our need for a sales team.

Nope, also false. Any business-to-business company will perform more optimally if it’s been given a personal touch. That being said—if done well, inbound marketing will help fill the sales pipeline with qualified leads. Then, moving forward, the content developed for the inbound process will augment and amplify the lead nurturing process (that is to say: there remains a methodical, personal follow-up process, even with inbound!) 

  1. Inbound marketing is extremely hard to do.

Sure, the Inbound methodology has many moving parts, and it can seem rather complex, but it is rarely difficult, and never “extremely hard to do.” Inbound requires background research (i.e. buyer personas), focus, and resources. And is true of any marketing scheme: creativity, and the desire to create a successful inbound plan can make all the difference in subsequent success.

  1. Inbound marketing is expensive.

Like all investments, you need to calculate your ROI before jumping into something. If executed correctly, inbound marketing will result in a positive return. One of the most power attributes of inbound is its ability to measure the results of each step in the process, tightly control costs, and measure results. With inbound, there is no guess-work. The money you put into your plan will eventually come out the other end, almost certainly in the form of a positive ROI.

  1. Inbound marketing requires a large team of marketers

A successful inbound program can be conducted by a single individual, leveraging a smart set of inbound tools on a portal like HubSpot.

  1. We do not have the resources to run a successful inbound marketing program.

There are a myriad of affordable resources you can leverage to fully outsource or augment your internal resources. A number of agencies (including Can-Do Ideas) specialize in this type of “done for you” inbound marketing.

  1. Inbound marketing will get me to the first page of Google.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex and ever changing discipline. What works for you today, may not work tomorrow. But the one thing that has not changed in SEO since the foundation of Google is this: great content that is valuable and accessible will always have a place in the rankings. That is to say that it’s not up to your Inbound process to get you to the first page of Google, it’s up to you and the content you create to do that.

Inbound takes an entirely different approach than outbound marketing, as it shifts the focus so that it's all about the customer, not you. Inbound allows you to be transparent while you assist people in making their marketing dreams come alive. We believe Inbound to be the most sincere form of marketing, and hope that having debunked these seven myths, you might start to think so too.

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