6 Tweets That Show Us @Prince Was As Funny As He Was Caring

6 Tweets That Show US @Prince Was As Funny As He Was Caring

On Thursday, April 21st the talented singer, songwriter, and musician Prince passed away. Upon his passing, many people, both close and not so close to him, commented, not only on his musical genius and inspiration but also on his sense of humor and compassion. 

Prince might not have had the most followers of any musician on Twitter, but he certainly knew how to let his personality show through in a very unique and engaging “Prince” way.

Here are 6 tweets that give us a little look into Prince’s comedic nature and kindheartedness.

Brands: take note—the ability to let your personality show through with as little words as possible is a real Twitter feat.

  1. Prince shows he’s looking out for his followers with wise advice.


  1. Prince knows how to build the excitement (something tells me 4 wasn’t a randomly selected number).


  1. A one-worder that is both original and encompassing of his style.


  1. This is just what someone having a bad day would need to see to make it a little better.


  1. Again, self-humor AND original? ‘Nuff said.


  1. Prince is going to do what Prince is going to do.


R.I.P Prince. You were undoubtedly the only person who could get away with that spelling and all caps on Twitter—Making 4’s, 2’s, and U’s cool before AOL Messenger. We’ll miss you for those reasons and so, so many more.

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