5 Ways to Make Your Marketing Blog Irresistable

5 Ways to Make Your Marketing Blog Irresistable

As is true in most aspects of life, we generally don't care who or what has created our favorite things, as long as they remain just that: our favorite. As consumers—no, as human beings—we don't ever want to be tricked, be it on the web, in a relationship, or even on a seemingly good sale price at the grocery store (you know the ones... when the food's expiration date is the following day?) Getting duped just isn’t something people enjoy.

We’ve written about authenticity before, and how important it is to be real and vulnerable in anything your business does—especially when it comes to speaking to the general public. It goes without really saying, then, that people want to read content that speaks to them—not content that speaks at them. So, how does one achieve this? How do we create content that is explanatory, rather than informational? Well, we can't tell you exactly, but we can give you some overarching tips on how to create readable, interesting content that matters. Here it goes.

  • Don't think too much before you post. This might sound counterintuitive. And in a way, it is. But in the same way you speak to your friends—that is to say, without considering every word before it hits your lips and enters the world—present people with content that has a point. It doesn't have to be heavy-handed. In fact, it shouldn't be. Coming off too strong will make you seem desperate for attention, or customers. The cooler, calmer, and more collected your copy sounds, the more likely people are to, one: continue reading, and two: trust that whatever it is you are selling is worth it. It make take some time for you and your business to figure out your unique marketing strategy--be patient.
  • Keep it short and sweet. If you read our “Short or Long Blogs” post, in which we explained that both are great methods of communication… you’re probably confused. But keeping it short and sweet, in this case, doesn’t particularly refer to blog posts. We’re talking instead about Facebook and Instagram posts and captions. Twitter, as you know, only allows posts of 140 characters or less. And it’s that way for a reason. Thanks to the World Wide Web and our constant use of smartphones, humans have shorter attention spans now than ever before. We get bored easily, and move on quickly. Keeping Facebook statuses and comments, and Instagram captions short makes for a heightened likelihood that people will read everything you have to say.
  • Make lists. List posts see very high engagement. If done right (not written too long-form), they’re quick to read and easy to digest. Our Inbound marketing agency loves to write blogs in the form of lists, because we know that if we were our audience, we'd definitely read 'em!
  • Post pictures. In case you forgot… we're humans. And for the most part, if we’ve surfing our various social media accounts, there’s a good chance we’re feeling lazy. Post a complementary photo, or a link to a photo, along side your (short) Facebook status, and we bet you'll see double the likes you would if you posted a rant.
  • Include valuable links. If you've pulled facts or statistics from a site, giving them credit is, well, just the right thing to do. But it also gives your readers another outlet for information. Add links that provide in-depth information. Doing this allows you to keep your content in particular nice and short, while also offering the option to dig deeper. The more useful your content is, the more likely it is to get liked and shared.

Has this been helpful? In the same way we encourage you to truly speak to your audience, we want to hear from you. If you found this post valuable, let us know! Or, if you thought it was less than adequate, tell us what you would have liked us do better.

So, now that you’ve got the details on creating readable content… get writing!

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