5 Tips To Charge Up Your B2B Email Marketing


Email marketing is a fast and effective tool to reach your audience, whether marketing to consumers or other businesses. Sell your service, gain awareness, or advertise a promotion by implementing an effective B2B email marketing: it can be that simple.

Is email marketing effective?

There’s a commonly held belief these days that email marketing is losing ground to other tactics like mobile advertising (within apps and games) or social media marketing. Contrary to this belief, the use of email still remains viable and incredibly effective for communicating value-focused advertising content. The Nielsen Group conducted a study that revealed that 10% of those who opted in to receive company updates chose to do so through Facebook, while a staggering 90% preferred to receive email newsletters.

How can you quickly revitalize your B2B email marketing efforts?

There are five things you can do to quickly get your B2B email marketing campaign off the ground and going strong:

  1. Content is still king.
    Many marketers focus more on presentation than content, wrongly assuming that visual appeal can compensate for thin or weak content with little value to the recipient. High quality, engaging, and user-focused content is imperative to the success of your email marketing efforts. Combining quality content with great visuals will offer the best performance on your investment.

  2. Focus on simplicity.
    B2B email content must be short and to the point by necessity. Working professionals are doing what you would expect: working. They don't want to wade through a long-winded marketing message. Studies have shown that many people make use of the preview feature for their email content. Say only what is necessary to impart your message and invite them to enter your sales funnel to learn more via at least one CTA in the beginning of your email marketing content.

  3. Make the destination memorable.
    If you have amazing email content that leads to a lackluster or terribly presented landing page, you have wasted your investment. Regardless of the form and format of calls to action within your email message, the destination of those CTAs must be memorable. This will motivate your recipient to make choices that lead them into your sales funnel rather than away from it.

  4. Provide what the recipient wants or needs.
    This is a basic premise for all marketing content. Your message has to have value to the recipient in some way, whether it is fulfilling a want, solving a problem, answering a question, or meeting a need. In addition to detailing what you are offering, your offer must be clear and visible.

  5. Don't forget the subject line.
    For any content that is prefaced by a headline or subject line, that information makes or breaks your message. Your header is the single most important piece of your email marketing content. If it doesn't immediately capture the attention of your recipients, it will find its way into the trash bin. Make it meaningful, memorable, informative, and value-enhanced, and if you can, do all of this in seven words or less.

Keep in mind that email marketing should be just one part of a well planned and comprehensive content strategy; it will be effective only when properly applied. The five tips included here will help you ramp up your B2B email marketing with a short-turnaround time, giving you some breathing room while you breathe new life into your overall B2B marketing strategies. Now get to it!

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