5 Tips That Will Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

5 Tips That Will Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

We all love getting the inside scoop—learning some new tips and tricks to make us better at what we do, with ease. You know the kind of blogs I’m talking about: 'learn these 3 tips to up your conversion rate!' Or 'get people to your website using these 5 easy tricks’. While those are attractive headlines (I mean hey, you clicked on this one, right?!) the content behind them isn't always stellar, never mind all that useful. But, if you'll allow us to be hypocritical for a second or two... we promise: in this case, we’ve really done our research, and if you accept these 5 marketing tips as true, you’ll truly have the capacity to change your own marketing game.

  1. Keyword research is king. And so are long-tail keywords.

Think you know how to best describe your products and content? Well, that might largely be the case, but we can almost guarantee that there's more to be unearthed in that department than you ever thought possible. How does one find out what lies beneath the surface? Research. Don't waste your own time or your potential customers' by creating lackluster keywords that barely describe your offerings.

We live in a world of the specific, these days. Wherein we type in the exact name of the headphones we're looking for online instead of just 'headphones'. And as such, we are presented with every option known to man regarding those headphones. Don’t doubt it: using long-tail keywords can make you a conversion master.

  1. Inbound links help you tenfold. 

Please don’t underestimate the usefulness of Inbound links. Remember all the way back to high school when your history or English teacher told you that citations matter? That those very citations, even though they’re not your own work, make your work stronger? Well, they were right, and not much has changed in that department since Ye Olde Days of High School.

Including Inbound links within your website or blog makes you and your content more credible, and it also indexes you higher on search engines like Google. Buying links is no-bueno, and it neither genuinely improves your search engine ranking, nor helps attract potential suitable customers.

  1. Pictures! Use ‘em.

People like pictures. They help us understand written content, and, as an added bonus, they're fun for our eyes. Using alt-tags on every image you include, be it on your website or blog or what have you, also allows search engines to read your content further. As smart as Google is, it can't tell what a photo is unless there's alt-text. That way, if someone searches for something having to do with your website, blog, etc., even the image will index as a result. Pretty cool, huh?

  1. Get interactive with your content.

Use quizzes, polls, and any other methods of interaction that interests you and might interest your potential site-visitors. The Content Marketing Institute reported that 81% of marketers that they surveyed found interactive content more attention-grabbing, and therefore effective. Engagement rates are hugely important when it comes to content marketing. What better way to get your audience involved then by using interactive content?

  1. Re-vamp old content and make it new.

More on the interactive front—creating new posts from the old is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your content. By analyzing the effectiveness of your old social media efforts, blog posts, etc., you easily present yourself with ways to get better at your craft. Switching-up your content format also allows for increased visibility. Have a piece that could be made into an infographic? Go for it. Maybe someone who read it in its written form won't be interested in it in its infographic form—but on the same token, you've probably just gained a whole new following of people who are hugely attracted to infographics. Changing formats and reshaping content is a surefire way to keep on convertin'. 

What do you think? Were these tips actually helpful? If you’re heavy into the content marketing game, it’s likely that you knew a few of these, if not all of them… if that’s the case: good on ya! But it’s always nice to get a good refresher, right? The world we live in, especially when it comes to the Internet, is ever-changing, and in order to be successful, we need to keep up in the world of marketing.

Have other tips and tricks? Tell us! We’d love to hear from you.

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