A Simple Identification Guide for: The 5 Most Common Native Trees in Connecticut (Infographic)

 A Simple Identification Guide to Popular CT Trees

As of March 20th, spring was supposed to be in the air. Unfortunately for the northeast, we saw a couple of dramatically cold evenings and a fairly serious snow at the beginning of April, pushing back the beautiful flowers and lush trees we expect to be in bloom by this time of year. Luckily, the weather has been in full spring mode of late, and the trees are (finally!) starting to fill out.

A good deal of research has surfaced lately about the positive effects of going outside—like how being outside can make you healthier and more creative. This sounds like something to take advantage of, no?

As a small digital marketing agency in Connecticut, most of our employees can easily identify popular brands—it comes with the marketing territory. Trees, on the other hand… not exactly something we go out of our way to learn. That’s okay though! We decided to have a little fun and create this simple infographic to help you easily identify some popular trees you’ll be seeing bloom in the beautiful state of Connecticut. Editor’s note: the hardest ones to identify are the different maples, so for a more detailed description of the difference between those, click here.

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