4 Spectacular Spots in Northern CT to Disconnect From Your Marketing Stress

4 Spectacular Spots in Northern CT to Disconnect From Your Marketing Stress

Are you really relaxing if you’re not disconnected from your devices? Now that you can easily access email on your mobile phone, or you can work from home where your workstation is right in front of you, the temptation to tend to work-related matters while away from the office is greater than ever. And we all know it: staying connected in those ways, especially when we’re supposed to be in our work-free zones, is not good for us. We also know that office activity is not the healthiest of activities; again, especially when it’s the only activity you make time for. Rene Russo from The Intern (2015) may have said it best: “sitting is the new smoking.”

Not disconnecting when it’s time to disconnect is not good for you. Heart-related issues, horrible nights’ sleep, not-so-good routines and vulnerability to making more mistakes (they’re usually silly ones, too) are all factors of overworking.

Here are 4 spectacular spots in Northern Connecticut that will force you to disconnect—no excuses. Your emails aren’t going anywhere, the office isn’t going to burn down, and your marketing strategy isn’t going to change. Take a deep breath and go enjoy some nature.

White Memorial Foundation

Located in Litchfield, the White Memorial Foundation is surely a Connecticut gem. Home to the infamous Little Pond boardwalk, the Foundation’s 4,000 acres is ridiculously photogenic—so you’re allowed to have your phone out for photos (but that’s it, seriously). In the Foundation is also the White Memorial Conservation Center—not only a nature museum but a place that encourages environmental education. We like to think of this as a classic example of a win/win.

Talcott Mountain Trail

Talcott Mountain Trail is part of Talcott Mountain State Park, located in Simsbury. The views this trail offers are breathtaking. And as if that wasn’t convincing enough, when you make it to the top of the mountain on this trail, you get to explore the 165 foot Heublein Tower, which provides hikers with panoramic views of the Hartford skyline and Farmington River Valley. This trek is enjoyable for so many reasons, including its nature, architecture, and history alike. 

Peoples State Forest

Located in the town of Barkhamsted, Peoples State Forest offers 10 miles of walking trails. The Farmington River runs right through the Forest, which makes it a great place for a little kayak or canoe fun. What else is neat about this park? It came into existence thanks to donations given by individuals and groups in the area and state. It’s truly a people’s forest. 

Appalachian Trail River Walk

Okay, so the main reason you might want to disconnect here is to be able to come back and tell everyone that you were walking the Appalachian Trail—and that’s okay! Not everyone has this famous trail running through their state, so take advantage! The trail is 10.6 miles out and back and reaches a 1,250-foot elevation. Located near Cornwall Bridge, it follows along the Housatonic River for a great portion of the time… so strap on those hiking boots. You won’t be disappointed.

These are just a few spectacular spots located in the Northern part of the state, but there are much further up north, as well as an abundant amount scattered throughout our little slice of the Northeast. But let’s be honest, if you need to disconnect for a while, your backyard or the park down the street will work just fine. Stay happy, stay healthy, and keep producing good work!

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