3 Reasons Digital Marketing Agencies Must Remember to Market Themselves


In the early days of your agency, you were probably working overtime to close new clients, and still making time to work on your own marketing. But over time, if you’re a growing digital or Inbound marketing agency, you might be so involved and focused on client work that it’s not hard to lose focus on your own marketing, and it is both a strategic and tactical mistake. It is just as important to apply your marketing methodology to your own company as it is for clients. Below are three little reminders of why taking the time to properly market yourself is just as, if not more, important for your company’s growth and future success.

SEO Advantages

As the old saying goes, it is important to “dig the well before you are thirsty.” When business is good, it is easy to get complacent, but that is exactly the time to continue to prime the pump. You never know what will happen to hurt your business with even your best clients; staff turnover, acquisitions, bankruptcy, etc.—a lot can happen. A solid process of agency marketing will ensure a steady lead flow and ensure you continue to be found organically. Search engines are always updating and your ranking will not maintain itself over time without continuous updating. Taking the time to make sure your content is up-to-date, and that new content is being written and distributed to social media will go a long way to ensure you continue to rank for your best keywords.

Hone Your Craft

The more you do something, the better (or more efficient) you’ll become at doing it. Even if your more seasoned employees are focusing on your bigger clients, your new hires can gain your trust by demonstrating their Inbound skills and creativity on your own agency. Not only will this help them improve necessary skills, it is the perfect place to experiment with new ideas and approaches with no downside when mistakes are made. If an idea doesn’t work, you can just delete and start over without the fear of losing a new customer. It is the time and place to take risks. Practicing a new idea on yourself will help you and your team develop additional insight before applying it to client work. You will be able to work out issues and create a positive first experience for your clients.

Building Credibility

Successfully applying Inbound marketing to your own marketing will build credibility. What better place to showcase what you can do then on your own website? Clients who go through a thoughtful and deliberate process on your website will have a better understanding of the process you are proposing to build for them. Not only does it build credibility, but it also showcases your expertise.

A digital marketing agency can’t thrive if it neglects its own marketing. There are hundreds of competitors out there and it only takes one quick Google search from a potential client to help them make a decision. Make sure you show your potential clients your best self by showing your business some self-love.

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