The 3 Essentials to Writing a Captivating Blog Post

3 Important Tips to Writing a Captivating Blog Post

Writing a successful, captivating blog post begins with one (seemingly) simple idea: knowing your audience. However, this isn't as simple a concept as it may seem. Your audience can change at the drop of a hat; are you creating relevant content? Semi-relevant? Or non-relevant content entirely?

In today's fast paced, online-driven world, readers are notoriously distracted. In fact, you might be reading this while skimming your emails from this morning, or talking to the person sitting across the table from you. Are you interested in what I'm writing? What led you here? Do you even remember how you found this blog?! Let's talk about overcoming the obstacles we face every day in our web-world by creating highly consumable, captivating content. Here are three of our favorite ways to do just that, and rather easily.

  1. Attention Starts With the Headline
    Captivating your reader’s attention begins with a clear concise headline and an eye-popping picture or graphic. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste by writing boring or confusing headlines. Use keywords to tell your potential readers exactly what they’ll be finding when they click on your link, and make your piece unequivocally search engine friendly. Write with clarity and honesty, and you will win people’s hearts. Click bait feels slightly sleazy and is no way to build a relationship, so don’t do it.

    Your picture should have some relationship with the writing and work in tandem with the headline to encourage readers to click through and learn more. It is the job of your first sentence to get the second sentence read and help them slide down a slippery slope into the brilliance of your writing.

  1. Tell a Story
    Once upon a time, since the dawn of human history, people from a planet called Earth told each other stories. Their stories captivated generations and became the cornerstone of all their literature, art and history. They used stories in their everyday lives to explain the world around them to each other and to themselves. Well told stories with a beginning, middle and end still dominate most human thought. Tell stories and you will be amazed at how different people will react to your writing, especially business writing.
  1. Cut Excess
    Focus on what is important and avoid straying from the main points. It is difficult to be captivating if your writing is full of irrelevant or unimportant information. As I mentioned before, people are distracted. Fluff will turn your readers off and they will only move on to something more interesting to them in said moment. The competition for people’s attention is fierce, and the only way to capture it, for even a moment, is to engage them with insight, entertainment, and education written in story form.

Of course, there is much more that goes into writing a captivating blog post. But by focusing on these three elements your blog posts will improve and your results will improve. They may seem simple—and in many respects, they are—but they are the foundation of all good writing. If ever a piece you are working on is lacking a certain shine, refer back to this post—take a second look at your headline, review your story telling and ask yourself if questionable parts are relevant or necessary.

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