3 Steps to Fix a Failing Content Marketing Program

If you're like most businesses, you've implemented a content marketing program to generate leads, grow your audience, and grow your customer base.

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The Best Storytellers: Shakespeare, Television and...Hotels

There's a reason storytelling works in content creation -- it's been around from the beginning of time, even before the invention of fire. Whether it's in the form of hieroglyphics painted on the canvas of a cave's wall, a play script from the gifted hands and mind of Shakespeare, or your favorite Netflix drama that you've been mindlessly binge-watching, stories have played an intricate part of our very existence. Stories are all around us, whether you realize it or not. 

If you've followed along and have seen the first three parts of our Primal Storytelling series, you probably know where we're going with this: stories are a part of humans DNA and primal instincts. Knowing that, why wouldn't you use stories to speak to your guests and prospects? For it does that very thing - speaks to them!

Never mind the most notable tale-tellers that may come to mind, properties within the hospitality industry are among the best in the business when it comes to storytelling. From the planning stage of a traveler's trip to the memorable events that transpire during one's stay and the favorable accounts told afterward by happy vacationers, the opportunities are endless when it comes to using storytelling within your property's content marketing strategy.

A property tells its story through its uniqueness, quirkiness, elegance, and so much more. Don't let its story go untold.

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Age-Old Primal Urges and Emotions Are Key in the Hospitality Industry

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably been introduced to the idea of Primal Storytelling for your hotel or property, if not, we suggest starting here

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Who’s Staying at Your Property or Hotel?

In the first blog in this series we introduced you to a shift in thinking regarding your hotel or property – one that focuses on the long-term in order to increase direct bookings.

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How to Get More Direct Bookings for Your Property or Hotel

For many hotels it is common practice to pay referral services in order to get bookings. The room is booked and a commission to whatever service you use is paid – the cycle begins again.

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The Math of Content Marketing for Hotels (with examples)

The hospitality industry, especially hotels, has been hard hit by the pandemic. It is more important than ever to make the leap and invest in transforming your website from brochure for the property with a booking engine attached to it into a lead generation website using content marketing.

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Three Strategic Shifts in Thinking for Hotels

Hotels were hit hard by the coronavirus shutdowns. Many properties went from profitable to deep in the red. Once a room is empty for a night, that revenue is lost forever.

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What Little Red Riding Hood Can Teach Brands

Little Red Riding Hood is a story that every child knows. A little girl, on her way to grandmother’s house, meets a stranger in the woods. The stranger turns out to be a big bad wolf and adventures ensue. It is a timeless tale that nearly every parent reads to their children.

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Volunteering for Veterans

Our founder and CEO, Anthony Butler, along with several other members of the community, are working together to launch a non-profit in Lewis and Clark County. Team Red, White and Blue is the latest chapter of a national organization helping veterans connect through physical activity.

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Marketing with Emotion


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